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First in Uganda

The British School of Kampala was the FIRST and, for a while, the ONLY educational institution offering the curriculum of the Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC).

Now, as other schools follow our successful progression and education programmes, at the British School of Kampala we are extending the BTECs with a growing choice of sensible subjects in under-served industries and growth sectors, covering a variety of professional progression paths.

At BSK, you can rely on our dedication to your education, BTEC mentors who have industry and business background to set you on your professional career development.

        Dedicated new Facilities

        To optimise the learning environment the British School of Kampala set up dedicated facilities which are constantly improved and expanded.

        Rather than re-purposing old buildings, BSK decided on a new purpose designed building to accommodate the technical and course requirements for BTEC engineering.  


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        Practical Skills And Academic Support

        Don't be left standing in the rain - the skills and knowledge acquired in your British School of Kampala BTEC courses make you sought after skilled Employees and Students, if you don't want to run your own business. With BTEC you have choices. 

        With a BTEC at the British School of Kampala you will benefit of experience no one else can offer you in Uganda, and that might just make the difference for your career.

        Get Ready to move ahead

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        BTECs open doors

        Level 3 BTECs have been getting a lot of press recently – according to UCAS, the number of A-Level students achieving grades ABB (the average grades you need to get into the top universities) has fallen by 2,500 over the last year, but the number of BTEC students achieving the equivalent to ABB has gone up by 16%! 

        Nearly all universities accept BTECs in relevant subject areas as they do with A level qualifications, and BTEC Nationals qualify for UCAS points on the tariff table.

        BTEC students achieving good grades are just as sought after as students with good A level results. And, as with A levels, there are many transferable opportunities from your BTEC course to a subject you want to read at university. It is important for students to research, as early as possible, what the BTEC entry requirements are for university courses they are interested in.

        It is a good idea to get in touch with universities directly to confirm their BTEC entry criteria.


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